About SecureIdentity

SecureIdentity is the new government verification service from Morpho: the world leader in government identity.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping people like you access government services quickly & securely whenever they need them.

We’ve already provided more than 2.5 billion people with the secure identity credentials they need to travel, trade and access secure services online, and our systems successfully authenticate over 900,000 transactions everyday. Now we’d like to help you.

Why are things changing?

Over the next few months you’ll probably be reading a lot about GOV.UK Verify. It’s the new way to access government services online.  If you’re one of the 85% of adults who have accessed government services online before, you’ve probably found the experience pretty cumbersome: you might have needed to wait for some activation codes to arrive in the post; for some services you may even have had to go somewhere in person. GOV.UK Verify changes all of that.

GOV.UK Verify partners with private companies. These companies are certified to verify your identity and provide you with the ability to access Government services securely. This means that you can get secure online access to the services you need faster. Once you’ve chosen a certified verification provider, it takes about 10 minutes to register for the first time. After registering it takes about one minute to login each time you need to access Government services. It’s the kind of secure, straightforward process you expect everywhere online these days.

Why choose SecureIdentity when you need to access services at GOV.UK Verify?

When we developed SecureIdentity we wanted to be sure that the service we offered was driven by real insights from people just like you. That’s why, over the course of this summer, we’ve asked nearly three thousand people to tell us exactly what they expect from the certified verification provider they choose.

You learn a lot when you ask 3000 UK Citizens about the government’s new verification process for GOV.UK Verify, and over the next few weeks we’ll be processing all the big questions that people like you have about the new GOV.UK Verify process into one easy-to-use Q&A resource.

If you have questions about why, when and how you should choose a certified verification provider to help you get online and manage the government services you need, use our Q&A form to ask them alternatively you can use our interactive support centre which has all the up-to-date help.

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