Rural Payments: You can apply now for the Basic Payment Scheme 2017

From early March, farmers will be able to submit their application for the Basic Rural Payment Scheme 2017.

Rural payments made to UK farmers can be quite complex, largely because there is no single type of rural payment and no single agency either.

Devolved services for Scotland, Wales & Ireland don’t go through GOV.UK Verify so if you’re applying for rural payments in these regions you’ll need to use the regional Government sites.


  • If you own land in different countries then you have to go through individual schemes to make multiple claims.
  • Different pages will be relevant to you.
  • There is no single scheme that covers all of the UK.

But the Basic Payments Schemes (BPS) is the most popular scheme available to farmers. It’s possibly the biggest subsidy helping farmers today. If your
holding is in England then the scheme can be accessed using
SecureIdentity at the GOV.UK site

Making your claim soon brings some real benefits

Submitting your BPS claim online from this month means the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will be able to make advance part payments to you and you’ll be able to make changes to your application up to 15th May.

Recent enhancements to the way online claims work have ensured that claiming online usually means improved accuracy and reduced risk of a penalty too.  

Get started

You can use this calculator to work out what your BPS entitlement is likely to be. Learn how to access rural payments the easy way, using SecureIdentity.

Go online to apply for rural payments

Managing the countryside can be challenging. With this in mind there are various grants and incentives, also known as rural payments, available to ease the burden. Apply online using GOV.UK Verify to authenticate your identity via SecureIdentity.

Presently the services available in England are as follows:

  • check and update your contact details
  • check and update your business details
  • give someone permission to act on your behalf
  • check your registered land parcels and transfer them to another business
  • check your Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) entitlements and transfer them to another business

One of the rural payments that is available is the Basic Payment Scheme. Here’s some information about it:

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
It’s been designed to keep farmers in active production.

This is available to farmers with at least 5 hectares of agricultural land and 5 ‘entitlements’. It’s open to farmers who claimed the old Single Payment Scheme. If you’re under 40 years old you might be entitled to extra money.

To be eligible certain criteria have to be met. For example, an arable farmer needs to grow 3 different crops and use 5% of the land in activities that are of benefit to the environment. BPS claimants also need to follow compliance rules.

Applications are made once a year, typically in May, with the first payments beginning in December.